FYI: Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts Series

A Treasure Hunt or T-Hunt is a series of twelve cars released every year by Mattel. The Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt series began in 1995 and was limited to only 10,000 of each car. In 1996 it was increased to 25,000 and later production runs have not been as limited. In 2005 there was a bonus 13th car in the series. The VW Bus which has been a very popular Hot Wheels car since its release in the 1996 First Edition series.

A Treasure Hunt can have a special paint job, unique designs, and rubber wheels. They can be identified by the card packaging which will have a green bar and can say Treasure Hunt or T-Hunt.

In 2007 there are two versions of these chase cars. The regular Treasure Hunt and the Super Treasure Hunt. The Super Treasure Hunt will have a paint variation and premium wheels as well as a much smaller production run. The easiest way to identify regular and Super Treasure Hunts is by the card. The regular versions name will be spelled as Treasure Hunts and the super version will be Trea$ure Hunt$ with two $.

At last we know about the characteristic of T-Hunt series, hope this will be useful. Thanks

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